How it Works?

Delight your audience with personalized interactive videos and facilitate two-way communication.

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Upload/Record Video

Upload a video or record a new one using the tool

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Make an interactive video

With just a few clicks, you can add interactive elements to your video.

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Share/Embed the video

Once done, it is time to share your video or embed it on your website.

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Getting Started

Now upload and record videos, create multiple clips, and add captions. Safeguard your video with HLS encryption and store your files on our cloud storage hassle-free

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Upload & Record Videos

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HLS Encryption

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Add Interactive Elements

Encourage your viewers to engage with your video by adding interactive elements to your video. Add different types of interactive blocks to your video with just one-click.

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Add Questions

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Add Meeting Links

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Add External Links

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Sharing Your Video

Share video links effortlessly, embed them wherever you want. Use video bubble on your website to unleash the true power of interactive videos.

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Share Unique Link

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Embed Your Video

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Add Video Bubble

Create interactive videos that convert

"Step into the world of interactive video creation!"