It’s 2022, and people consume digital videos more than food! 

There was a surge in this consumption by 96% in 2020, and 90% of viewers stated they wanted to see more videos from brands and companies. In fact, it’s estimated that by the end of 2022, the average individual will view videos for 100 minutes daily.

Enter a time machine, and go back 10 years. Remember when you wondered if there’ll be flying cars in 2021?

Well, there aren’t, but there is the unimaginable. The digitalization. Nobody had any idea that the world will go so digital that even marketing will be done online?

The future is here, and it’s video marketing. 

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Brands and individuals try their best to put out the best possible content. And the secret behind big businesses’ successful marketing are video marketing tools. They have never been in so much demand.

This article covers the best video marketing tools of 2022. So keep reading till the end if you want to know the pros and cons, price, importance and features, you’ll find nowhere.

What Is Video Marketing?

A picture speaks a thousand words, they say. How much value a video will hold, then?

Video Marketing is a force that drives your business towards success. The fundamental idea behind video marketing is to incorporate engaging content into advertising campaigns. It’s a proactive video marketing strategy in the new world of digital marketing. 

You can do everything from client relationship-building to advertising your brand, services, or products with video marketing. Additionally, video marketing tools can deliver viral (entertaining) content, promote customer testimonials, present how-tos, and live-stream events.

The Internet is flooded with video marketing. Look no further than the homepages of your favorite brands on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube to see effective video marketing.

Types of video content can vary depending upon a specific purpose. Promotional videos in different forms, such as animated marketing videos, are used to derive more leads. Similarly, funny marketing videos and video marketing infographics are a trend these days.

The Importance Of Video Marketing Tools

The Importance Of Video Marketing Tools-Video Marketing Tools

You might or might not believe it, but video marketing is the captain marvel of your marketing. In fact, it ought to be among the newest tools in your promotion toolkit. Why?

Because one of the most adaptable and successful digital marketing techniques today is video. Let’s look at some of the powerful reasons why you should get together your video marketing game:

Videos Land more Sales

Considering the facts, the number of conversions on your landing page can increase by 80% by including a product video. This naturally leads to increased sales.

Enhance ROI

Video marketing is an investment. Though video marketing tools are not always very affordable, some video marketing tools might do the trick without emptying your pockets.

Moreover, advertising through videos pays off immensely. You can even create really professional and exciting videos using your smartphone.

Helps to Build Trust

Marketing done through videos is a personalized approach. It helps the audience to understand and relate to your content better. Hence, it builds a sense of trust, which is an integral part of the customer-business relationship.

Explains More In Less Time

With the help of videos, you can explain more in just a fraction of a second. 

This is the reason behind Course Hero’s success. They made great use of videos to explain complex educational concepts. The students found it naturally more appealing than the traditional educational structure. 

Boosts Social Shares

You never know what might get viral. Remember how Khaby Lame’s videos go viral for no reason at all? That’s the power of social shares. 

The world today is all about social media. During the Covid-19, tons of people lost their business and then took help of social media to re-launch them. It worked wonders. Sometimes, it’s just luck or a wise marketing technique.

Video Email Campaigns Work Wonders

Skip. That’s what people do with boring promotional emails. 

Making your emails more interesting with videos can spark your audience’s attention. And Do the magic! That is, turn the most passive buyers into active ones.

Benefits Of Video Marketing 

Since humans are better adapted to comprehend visual cues than written material, video, in general, quickly grabs viewers’ attention. Here are some of the benefits of video marketing:

Evoke Subconscious Impulses

Targeting emotions are said to have an impact on consumer behavior. Videos cause impulses in the mind that influence buying choices. 

The findings of Harvard professor Gerald Zaltman reveal  that 95% of consumers make purchasing decisions subconsciously, which is consistent with this theory. The driving force behind consumer behavior and general decision-making is emotion.

Increase Online Presence

If you aren’t aware of something, why would you even consider buying it?

You can’t just increase your online visibility through video marketing but also get your business noticed more. Video marketing is way easier with video marketing than any other form of marketing to generate leads, foster customer loyalty, grow online audiences, and gain market share.

Boost Customer Engagement

Video marketing increases customer engagement and allows customers to be a part of the brand. As you saw above, this builds trust. Without customer trust, it is hardly possible for any business to survive, let alone thrive.  

Leaves Consumers Wanting For More 

Simple as that: people enjoy watching videos. Easy to consume, amusing and entertaining is what the audience asks these days.

That’s why many brands use funny video marketing these days because memes are the trend! The Beard Club’s recent marketing campaigns were trending like mad because they used precisely what consumers wanted, which left them wanting more.

Cold Audience < Warm Audience

Cold audiences are the people who have never interacted with your brand. Warm audiences, on the other hand, are the ones who have.

Warming up a cold audience is a challenge in marketing. Video marketing, however, achieves this milestone quickly with all the benefits mentioned above. 

Cons Of Video Marketing

Along with several pros, video marketing also has some disadvantages. These can be:

Time-Taking Process

A video will require more planning and time to create than other forms of marketing content. Results for businesses that conduct video creation in-house can often take longer because it requires numerous phases to get complete.


Since video marketing provides excellent results, the equipment, such as video marketing tools and the whole process, can be very costly sometimes. 

Hiring script writers, animators, and casting can dig a hole in the pockets of brands that don’t have enough budget to invest in video marketing.

People Skipping Ads

Everybody does it, even we. Ads are annoying most of the time, so people directly skip them. Just like you do on YouTube.

So, it won’t just do with creating marketing videos, but be absolutely incredible at it. You must provide compelling content that viewers will want to watch all the way through to reach the widest audience possible.

All Your Audience Might Not Be Able To Access Your Videos

For wide availability, videos require a computer or smartphone. And we know everyone doesn’t have it. Even different regions and languages could become a hindrance.

Therefore, you should thoroughly research and plan before creating the final output.

Types Of Videos In Video Marketing

Types Of Videos In Video Marketing-Video Marketing Tools

Explainer Videos

These are short, animated videos describing a company’s service or product. And generally include the problem, solution, how it works and the call to action (CTA).

Product Videos

Product videos simply explain a product and its features. The primary goal of a product video is to demonstrate the pros of the product being advertised.

How-To Videos

Just as the name suggests, how-to videos describe how to do a particular task. YouTube is the central platform for these videos with more than 2.6 billion active users.

How-to videos have become a part of everybody’s daily lives. From simple to tiresome tasks, how-to videos about everything are available on YouTube.

Educational Videos

Educational videos rank among the most-watched videos of all time, whether for school, university, or competitive exams. You could say that educational videos serve as a virtual medium for teachers to teach different concepts to students.

Testimonial Videos

A video testimonial is a clip of a client or customer complimenting a brand. Businesses generally use it to promote their brand and build customer trust.

Company Story Videos

These videos highlight what a company does, what it stands for, and what sets it unique. These videos influence the target audience and build a solid connection with them.

Video Ads

You can use video advertisements to showcase your brand, service, or product. These ads mostly use compelling video marketing templates for more engagement. 

This takes many forms, including in-stream, out-of-stream, interactive, in-game, web page-based videos, video messaging, etc.

Social Videos

A social video is a brief video created to pique viewers’ interest and encourage involvement on social networks.

Your ability to simplify information into little, easily digestible chunks of content—long enough to hold viewers’ attention but brief enough to leave them wanting more—is essential to your success on social media.

Top 25 Video Marketing Tools

Want to hype up your video marketing game? Here are the best video marketing tools of 2022 that’ll help you to do so. Have a look and see if they’re worth your time:

1. PlayStory

playstory-Video Marketing Tools

PlayStory is your one-stop destination for creating interactive videos in no time. The software not only helps create videos but videos that get you more revenue, conversions and engagement. Making quality videos with a zing of personal touch is just so easy with PlayStory. 

PlayStory’s features are specifically designed to help users to achieve:

  • Better Communication- With PlayStory you can upload or create videos that help communicate better with your audience.
  • Wider Engagement- You can add text and elements to your videos and make them more interesting.
  • Personalization- Personalized flows for all videos are possible with Playstory.
  • Enhanced Conversions– PlayStory helps you share, embed and collect responses. This results in more conversions and drives better sales.

PlayStory offers a free version along with 3 other plans: 

  • Growth: $59 monthly and $49 yearly
  • Pro: $99 monthly and $49 yearly
  • Enterprise: Contact the team and choose accordingly

2. Vyond

vyond-Video Marketing Tools

Formerly known as GoAnimate until 2018, Vyond is a cloud-based platform for creating animated videos. Vyond allows users of all skill levels, across all professions and sectors, to produce compelling media.


  • Automatic Lip-Sync
  • Limitless Customization
  • Hundreds of pre-made templates
  • Version History


  • Essential: $49 monthly and $25 annually
  • Premium: $89 monthly and $54 annually
  • Professional: $159 monthly and $83 annually
  • Enterprise: Contact the team for custom pricing


veed-Video Marketing Tools

Create stunning, professional and interesting videos to share with your viewers with It’s a very effective and user-friendly video editing tool. With all the tools you need to edit, crop, add music, subtitles, filters, and so much more, is definitely one of the best 2022 video marketing tools. 


  • Video Stabilization
  • Text Overlay
  • Supports HD Resolution
  • Merge video
  • Split Video
  • Video Speed Controller
  • Media Library
  • Brand Overlay
  • Audio Tools
  • Social Sharing
  • Collaboration


  • Free: Perfect for one-off quick projects under 10 minutes and 250MB with a watermark
  • Basic: INR 459 monthly and INR 299 annually
  • PRO: INR 759 and INR 599 annually
  • Business: INR 1750 and INR 1500 annually

4. Wistia

wistia-Video Marketing Tools

Wistia is specifically designed for marketers. It’s basically for small and medium-sized businesses. It’s an innovative video marketing tool that helps find, engage, and grow a community of brand advocates.


  • Lead Capture
  • Mobile Screen Support
  • Multi-Channel Distribution
  • Privacy Options
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • ROI Tracking
  • Search/Filter
  • Social Sharing
  • Video Editing
  • Video Looping
  • Video Streaming


  • Free: $0
  • Pro: $99 per month
  • Advanced: For businesses (contact the team)

5. Vidyard

vidyard-Video Marketing Tools

Vidyard is the secret to simplifying all the stages of online marketing: sales cycle and video prospecting proposals. You can record and share personalized videos. Additionally, it makes remote selling easy. You can record, share videos and personalize them according to your needs. Moreover, it comes with a Chrome extension.


  • Video Creation
  • Video Management
  • Video Sharing
  • Video Optimization
  • Video Analytics


  • Free: $0
  • Pro: $$19 (Billed annually at $228/monthly at $29)
  • Business: Talk to the team about custom plans. Demo available.

6. Dubb

dubb-Video Marketing Tools

Dubb is a platform for video communication that promotes connection building by sharing trackable camera and screen videos. It is used by professionals in sales, marketing, support, and other sectors to improve communication and generate revenue.


  • Screen Recording
  • Webcam Recording
  • Mobile Recording
  • Video Hosting
  • Data Tracking
  • Integrations
  • Notifications


  • Starter Plan: $0
  • Sales, Marketing and Comms: Pro ($32 monthly, $32 annually) and Pro Plus ($99 monthly, $80 annually) 
  • Internal and Support: Pro ($20 monthly, $16 annually) and Pro Plus ($20 monthly, $16 annually)
  • Teacher and Educator: $0
  • Add-Ons: Custom Domain ($99monthly, $80 annually) and Automation ($40 monthly, $32 annually)

7. Vimeo

vimeo-Video Marketing Tools

In addition to various subscription-based tools and features, including an editing suite, Vimeo is a video-sharing software initially designed for artists and creators. The software is an all-in-one platform to turn your ideas into action. You won’t believe it, but Vimeo supports better voice quality in videos than YouTube.


  • Several Storage Options
  • Amazing Video Quality
  • 360 video support
  • Privacy Settings
  • Adobe Integrated
  • Customization
  • Stats Monitoring


  • Pro- $7 monthly and $12 annually
  • Plus- $20 annually
  • Business- $50 annually
  • Premium- $75 annually

A free trial of 30 days is available with all the plans.

8. Loom

loom-Video Marketing Tools

Loom is a software programme that creates videos to assist businesses in improving workplace communication. It is one of the leading screen recording tools right now. It helps business teams to communicate efficiently. Screencast is also possible with Loom.


  • Platform Basics, Content And Features
  • Platform Additional Functionality
  • Hosting
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Insights And Analytics
  • Organization
  • Customization
  • Video Creation
  • Software Delivery


  • Starter: Free
  • Business: $8 annually
  • Enterprise: Contact team for custom price

9. Mindstamp

mindstamp-Video Marketing Tools

One of the most accessible and affordable video marketing tools is Mindstamp. It is the right choice for you if you’re a new creator. Create optimized and engaging content with Mindstamp.


  • Buttons
  • Hotspots
  • Images
  • Drawings
  • Multimedia
  • Chapters
  • Transcripts
  • End Call-to-Action


  • Starter: $29 monthly and $24 annually
  • Core: $99 monthly and $84 annually
  • Pro: $249 monthly and $209 annually
  • Enterprise: For custom-tailored Plan, contact the team

10. Hippo

Hippo-Video Marketing Tools

Users of the cloud-based video management tool Hippo Video can record, edit, and share video, audio, and screen recordings. You may use it to produce customer reviews, instruction manuals, how-to videos, training materials, and more.


  • Basic Editing Suite: Crop, trim, cut, etc.
  • Pro Editing Tools: Background music, voiceover, text, end cards, etc.
  • Screen Recording
  • Green Screen
  • GIF Creation
  • Narrative Videos


  • Free Plan
  • Starter Plan: 
  • Sales- $19 monthly
  • Marketing- $29 monthly
  • Support- $14 monthly
  • Team Communication- $6 monthly
  • Pro Plan:
  • Sales- $40 monthly
  • Marketing- $59 monthly
  • Support- $39 monthly
  • Team Communication- $25 monthly
  • Growth Plan:
  • Sales- $65 monthly
  • Marketing- $109 monthly
  • Support- $59 monthly
  • Team Communication- $40 monthly
  • Enterprise Plan: Only available with the Sales plan
  • $79 annually
  • $89 quarterly
  • $99 monthly

11. vidIQ

VidIQ-Video Marketing Tools

This online marketing tool is specifically for YouTube videos. vidIQ helps boost YouTube views and engagement and keeps your channel growing. 

New YouTubers struggling to manage their channels and old creators lacking new ideas can find this app helpful. Additionally, the software comes with a Chrome extension.


  • Daily Ideas Update
  • Tools For Keywords
  • Tools For Competitors
  • Tools For Channel Audit
  • Other Tools For Video Editing


  • Basic: Free
  • Pro: Starts at $7.50/mo
  • Boost: Starts at $39/mo
  • Max: Starts at $79/mo

12. Blender

Blender-Video Marketing Tools

Blender is a software that’s absolutely free and open-source. It is used to make animated movies, visual effects, artwork, 3D-printed models, motion graphics, interactive 3D apps, virtual reality, and, in the past, video games.


  • Rendering
  • Modeling
  • Sculpting
  • Animation And Rigging
  • Story Art
  • VFX
  • Simulation
  • Pipeline
  • Video Editing
  • Scripting
  • Interface


Blender is a free-forever tool for all the users. 

13. Camtasia

Camtasia-Video Marketing Tools

Camtasia software suite allows users to produce and record video tutorials and presentations using screencasting or a direct recording plug-in for Microsoft PowerPoint. You can upload Multimedia recordings from other sources individually or concurrently.

Overall, Camtasia is an excellent online video creation tool.


  • Templates
  • Camtasia Packages
  • Favorites & Presets
  • Recording
  • Simplified editing
  • Pre-Built Assets
  • Screen recording
  • Camera Capture
  • Audio recording (mic + system)
  • Background Music


Individual: $299.99

Business: $299.99

Education: $161.03

Government And Non-Profit: $201.74

14. Filmora

Filmora-Video Marketing Tools

Enhance your editing experience with better audio, video, and subtitles using the Filmora video editing tool. You can get upto 800+ effects with Filmora. It’s one of the apps that professionals use to edit their videos.


  • Intuitive, Fast Editing
  • Visual Effects & Transitions
  • Latest Format Support
  • New Features added regularly
  • Stock Footages


7-day free available on all first 3 these plans:

  • Monthly Plan: $9.99
  • Annual Plan: $49.99
  • Perpetual Plan: $79.99
  • Business Annual Plan: $155.88

15. 4K Slideshow Maker

4K slideshow maker-Video Marketing Tools

If you need to quickly and effectively build a presentation or a video with images and music, this free slideshow maker is one of the most valuable options.

The features include AVI, FLV, MP4 and M4V. Audio formats such as MP3, WAV, OGG, M4A and others are also supported. 


The app is free to download and use at present. .

16. Magisto

Magisto-Video Marketing Tools

Use Magisto’s clever video editor to create engaging social media videos quickly. With 60,000 Business video editors, it is one of the fastest video editing tools. Magisto is also a business partner with Meta.


  • Animation
  • Basic Editing Suite
  • Audio Capture
  • Behavior Tracking
  • Brand Overlay
  • Content Library
  • Content Management
  • Customizable Branding
  • Customizable Templates and more


The three pricing tiers offered by Magisto are premium ($9.99/mo), professional ($19.99/mo), and business ($69.99/mo).

17. PowToon

Powtoon-Video Marketing Tools

A visual communication tool, Powtoon assists businesses create animated movies and videos and presentations for marketing, HR, IT, training, and other purposes.

 The name “PowToon” is related to “PowerPoint+Cartoon.” From a beginner to a professional, anyone can use PowToon online marketing tool.


  • 3D Objects
  • Animations & Transitions
  • Audio Capture
  • Audio File Management
  • Brand Overlay
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Communication Management
  • Content Library and more


Pro: $89/month monthly and $228 yearly

Pro Plus: $89/month monthly and $228 yearly

Agency: $1188yearly 

Business: Custom plan available on request

18. Prezi

Prezi-Video Marketing Tools

Prezi’s new presentation software has a dynamic, adaptable style that allows you to effortlessly switch between themes and make changes to your project without pausing to scroll through slides.


  • Access Controls/Permissions
  • Activity Tracking
  • Animation
  • Audio File Management
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Commenting/Notes
  • Content Library
  • Customizable Branding


  • Basic: Free and $$12/mo for Basic Plus
  • Individual: $3/mo for Standard, $12/mo for Plus and $16/mo for Premium
  • Students And Educators: $3/mo for EDU Plus, $4/mo for EDU Pro and a custom plan for EDU Teams
  • Business: $12/mo for Plus, $16/mo for Premium and custom plan for Teams

19. Videolean

Videolean-Video Marketing Tools

Videolean is a cloud-based tool that helps you create videos. It is an excellent tool for startups and marketing agencies looking for budget-friendly options. Using the tool, you can create explainer videos, video ads, and much more. 


There are in-built templates that help you create different kinds of high-quality videos, presentations, and much more. It is possible to customize your videos in 3 easy steps. 


The paid plan starts at $19 per month, and there is no free trial. 

20. Stop Motion

Stop motion-Video Marketing Tools

Stop Motion is claimed to be the easiest movie-making app in the world. The interface of the Stop Motion Studio is, in fact, simpler than people expect it to be. You can start your animation journey today with Stop Motion.Stop Motion is a free app. However, it also has paid versions.


It has features like time-lapse, export, dark mode, 4k ultra HD, rotoscoping, remote shutter, iMessage, basic editing suite, iCloud and others are available.


  • iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, Amazon Fire and Chromebook: $4.99
  • Mac and Windows: $9.99

21. KineMaster

Kinemaster-Video Marketing Tools

You can do a lot with KineMaster. Record, crop, add graphics or special effects to your videos with this tool.  Also include voiceovers, voice changers, sound effects, and music. Filters, greenscreen and enhancers are also available in KineMaster.

The free version has a “Made with KineMaster” watermark but is otherwise fully functional. You must subscribe to get videos without the watermark:


  • $4.99 monthly subscription 
  • $39.99 yearly subscription

22. VideoScribe

Videoscribe-Video Marketing Tools

VideoScribe is the one the leading whiteboard animation tool right now. Both beginners and professionals can use it. You can choose among numerous already existing templates for making business and marketing, educational and learning, explainer and social media videos with VideoScribe.

It is a simple tool that lets you create animated videos using drag-and-drop action.


  • Premium And Free Image Collection
  • Import Music And Add Fonts
  • Offline Work-Mode
  • Online Storage Available
  • Voice overs
  • Web Publishing
  • Different Video Resolution Options
  • Royalty-free music library


Monthly: $20.65

Annual: $9.44

Team Plan: Discounted subscriptions available for businesses

23. Doodly

Doodly-Video Marketing Tools

Doodly is yet another whiteboard animation tool and has features similar to VideoScribe such as voiceover, image and music library and so on.

From creators to tech geeks, everyone can use this tool for creating amazing whiteboard animation.

Pricing for Doodly is:

  • Standard:$39 monthly and $20annually
  • Enterprise: $69 monthly and $40 annually

24. VideoToolBox

Videotoolbox-Video Marketing Tools

With the help of VideoToolbox, you can easily access all of your tools through a superb user interface. You can now extract a photo or convert a video instantly without running professional and complex software like Quicktime X or Final Cut Pro. 


  • Screenshots and Screen Recording
  • Cast Feature
  • Play Video Sound with Screen Off
  • Floating Window
  • Video Style and Sound

Get all the tools required in video editing with VideoToolBox. You can download this free app quickly on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


When we talk about pricing, VideoToolBox is free for everyone.

25. Viewbix

Viewbix-Video Marketing Tools

Viewbix is created to transform videos into interactive experiences. Add CTAs, buttons, links, maps, forms, and more to your video player to draw viewers in and increase conversion throughout your entire video library.


  • A user-friendly studio for producing interactive videos
  • Any device, including mobile and desktop, can run ads.
  • Serve interactive adverts before, during, or after the video.
  • Detailed analytics to monitor conversion and engagement


The annual subscription for Viewbix is priced at roughly $10 per month.

What To Consider When Choosing A Video Marketing Tools? 

Don’t just choose any video marketing tool. Be clear with your goals and expectations first. And then set on to your video marketing tool hunt. Some of the main points to keep in mind while choosing a video marketing tool can be:

  • The type of videos you want to create: Be very clear with your genre of videos. This would help in deciding better.
  • Pricing Plans: Everybody would want to keep their budget in check. It depends on you to choose the one that suits them best to your needs.
  • How useful the tool is: Checking through the use cases is a clever step. 

The developers keep certain users in mind while designing the software. 

  • The Features Every tool has some unique features which set it apart from the others. 
  • Advantages and disadvantages: 

You can only enjoy the benefits of video marketing when you choose a tool with more advantages than disadvantages

  • The alternatives: Sometimes, you find a tool that is a good fit for you. But one or two points of that tool don’t match your needs. In this case, checking out the alternatives might do the trick.
  • Know your target audience: Knowing your audience is helpful because that way you can know what features they need.
  • The platform where you want to post your videos: Some tools are platform-specific. If you want to post your videos on YouTube, you need to choose an app that can create videos related to that.

Future of Video Marketing

We have come a long way and can only imagine or speculate about the opportunities ahead. From low-quality videos to 4k quality and watching movies in cinema halls to using OTT platforms, it’s all about new ideas and technology. The world of video marketing is evolving faster than ever. 

Marketers are constantly coming up with novel ideas to use video and digital marketing for better outreach to both present and potential customers. 2022 video marketing trends are way more advanced than 2021 or 2020 trends. We are thrilled to see what 2023 or 2024 holds for us. Are you too?

Take Your Brand Places With Video Marketing!

Although video marketing can initially seem daunting, with enough skill and persistence, you can quickly create high-quality video content specific to your company. It’s all about using the right resources and a good strategy. 

Now that you know how video marketing works don’t forget to choose one of the best video marketing tools!


What are the types of video marketing?

1. Here are the most popular types of marketing videos – 
2. Explainer Videos
3. Product Videos
4. How-To Videos
5. Educational Videos
6. Testimonial Videos
7. Company Story Videos
8. Video Ads
9. Social Videos

What are the disadvantages of video marketing?

1. Production consumes time – Planning and producing video content is time-consuming
2. High overheads – Getting the equipment and shooting can cost a bomb.
3. People skip ads – Unless your videos are amazing, people will skip them.

What is video marketing tool?

With the help of video marketing tool, businesses can make videos a part of their marketing campaign. The tool also provides analytics to gauge video performance and help improve future campaigns.