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Why we started PlayStory?

Why We Started Playstory

PlayStory came into being to fill a void in the video marketing world. Though marketers have ample video creation tools to choose from, only a handful of them let you create videos with which the customer can actively interact. We felt that in the crowd of generic videos, marketers need an avenue that takes them to personalization. It is hands down the best tactic to get anyone's attention, and that's why we came up with PlayStory! Creating customized videos has never been so easy!

It took us several months to build the tool brick by brick. The outcome is a software to increase customer engagement and, as a result, propel conversions. PlayStory promotes one-on-one communication with viewers by letting them watch the part of your video that they relate to.

We are constantly aiming at bringing the best to your desk and are happy to change the video marketing scene of so many businesses.

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Values Fuel PlayStory!

We infuse our culture into the features of our tool, letting it extend to customers. What makes us shine should light users up, making it a win-win situation for both of us!

  • We're equals

    At PlayStory, all of us are equals without any hierarchy. Mutual respect is the bedrock of our team that guides us towards creative euphoria. It makes our work process seamless.

  • Efficiency

    The aim is to be efficient at every task we undertake but at the same time there is a need to choose the path that uses minimal resources and fetches the best results. Smart work is always the winner in front of hard work.

  • Grow together

    At PlayStory, we believe that our strength lies in constantly learning new concepts and being open to new perspectives. It is a journey where we constantly grow while helping each other be the best versions of ourselves. We aim to pass on the fruits of our growth to our customers and watch them rise.

  • Provide Value

    We worship our customers as they are the undisputed kings. Our team strives hard to develop features to serve them better with each passing day, for which we ensure transparency in our work culture. At the end of the day, it is all about end-user satisfaction.

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